If you want to get immersed in the local life and get to know your hosts better, chose a full board in one of our family boarding houses. There, beside the accommodation, you will find a selection of homemade liquors, brandies and wine as well as locally grown food prepared in a traditional way. Often some of the food comes from the garden in the backyard, so you can even watch it grow.

Boarding houses “Bellevue”, “Dragica” and “Lavanda” offer full board for guests in their rooms and apartments, in a casual and domestic atmosphere.


Lopar, 51281 Lopar

+385 51 775 613


Lopar 562, 51281 Lopar

+385 51 775 420


Lopar 608, 51281 Lopar

+385 98 168 4223

Geopark Lopar

The Lopar Geomorphologic Garden, part of the Rab Island Geopark, with a total of 50 marked geological points, is rich in geologically interesting features and rare flora

Rab island Trail

Rab Island Trail is one of the most popular racetracks in the Croatian Trekking League, which has been held since 2007. Participants participate in 3 categories for men and 3 for women.

Birth of Little Mary

The celebration begins early in the morning (September 8), when pilgrims accompanied by numerous tourists gather around the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and services are held at 10:00, 15:00 and 17:00.

Mesopust in Lopar

(The Masquerades of Lopar) are the pride of the village since their tradition is over 150 years old. Lopar is the only village in the island of Rab that has preserved and nurtured the carnival tradition, with authentic masquerade and rituals.

Sand Sculpture Festival

Paradise Beach is becoming a surreal world of breathtaking sand sculptures! Participate in our sand sculpture festival and enjoy the art of making sand sculptures!


For all those who want to spend their sunny vacation actively, indulge in the adventurous and sporting spirit and relax on the island of Rab.
We offer a number of modern sports fields, including tennis courts and an indoor soccer field with artificial grass.

Lopar offers daily half-day boat trips with a glass bottom in the waters of Lopar and Goli Otok and Grgur.

Special features of Lopar

Sand paradise

Rich culture and history

An oasis of natural beauty

LOPAR otok Rab